• Where to?

    DESEEDE for Students: Direction to Destinations that Resonate

  • Group Interaction

    Do the DESEEDE exercises together in pairs and as a group. Students learn to value other students' value systems and define their own.

    Individual Coaching

    Permits students to make real strides in defining their goals and the actions needed to accomplish them.

    Training for Career Counselors

    Put the DESEEDE method in your toolbox! Learn how to interpret and apply the Deseede Personal Profile to the student support you give every day.

  • Workshops for Schools

    a non-exhaustive list of workshops we offer

    Life's Purpose

    Broadly define it and brainstorm industries and jobs it could envelop.

    Meaning at Work

    See how your life's purpose and/or values stack up against company cultures. Learn to discern true company culture and make employment decisions that will make you feel fulfilled.


    Find yours! An individual workshop


    The main pillars of your personality. Excellent for defining your personal brand. (prerequisite: Values)


    How different value systems work together.

    Unique Approach

    Discover your natural process.

    Unique Difference

    Your 3=5 best features. A group workshop where we find the best in each participant. A great teambuilding activity!


    Theories and techniques to try, and a simulation to make it come alive!

    Public Speaking

    Theory and practice make perfect.


    Find your style. Practice it. A hands-on workshop.

    Meaningful Creativity

    Techniques to get your creative juices flowing. Brainstorming for your area. Incorporate your life's purpose to infuse meaning into projects.

  • Bring DESEEDE to Your School

    Personalized Roadmaps for Students

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