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    The Right Person for the Right Role

  • Innate Talent. Internal Motivation.

    Go beyond the resumé.

    A good HR professional already knows how to use a resumé as a jumping-off point to see deeper into a person: talents, desires, motivation. So why Deseede? Transferability and time.


    Save Time

    It takes time to get to know a person deeply enough to find the optimal, perhaps not-so-obvious role that lies at the sweet spot between motivation and capabilities.


    The Deseede method makes this art more efficient, so you can get to understanding and better placement more quickly.


    The upside? Once the process is done, it's ready for future use: when the person is ready for a new challenge or when the company needs the right person for a vacant role. Take time now to gain time later.


    Knowledge Management for People


    What happens when the HR professional who knows employees well moves on or changes roles? The deeper understanding of employees leaves with them.


    Deseede is also a way to capture qualitative data for an employee's file. Future HR professionals and managers can see and understand the employee's values, mission in life, unique approach to work and singular difference from the get-go.


    This makes for easier, faster, and more accurate management and placement over the employee's career, directly translating into increased chances of happiness at work and longevity in a given role for the employee, and efficiency for HR.


    Deseede makes HR better by capturing qualitative data efficiently.

  • Make EVP Real

    Deseede + EVP

    Employer Value Proposition? Check.


    Now you need a tool to reliably define the

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