• Individual Coaching

    Just Me & You to Get Things Moving

    An Alternative to the Group Workshop

    While I'm a big believer in the group experience, I understand that sometimes life has constraints, like geography, time, and gravity.


    If you can't make it to a group workshop, or would be more comfortable working alone, individual coaching might be the best way to experience How To Be Me.


    12 hours of individual coaching, via online videoconference or at a location to be mutually agreed upon.


    The exercises are the same as the ones in the How To Be Me group workshop.


    You will benefit from one-on-one attention and insights from Shani. The sessions can be customized to focus on your specific goals. We can work together on the tools you'll need to reach them (resume, online profiles or website, speech or presentation...).


    Clarity & Confidence, Here You Come!

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