• Authenticity Coaching

    The answers are inside of you.

    Here is your custom-made key.

  • DESEEDE is a series of inter-connected exercises that reveal precisely Who You Are.

    A methodology to discover and formalize your unique perfection


    Reverse Engineering

    The way you

    fullfill your purpose


    Your Dealbreakers

    What's most important to you


    Your Why

    Your North Star, your guiding principle. All roads lead here.

    Unique Difference

    What Sets You Apart

    Your added value. Your unique contribution. What makes things not quite the same without you.

  • Where To ?

    Authenticity is both the path and the destination.

    The answers inside will lead you where you want to go.

    Meaningful Work

    for Students & Career Changers

    You're never too old to ask this question. When it's time to (re)invent yourself, knowing what makes you special

    guides your search and helps you get there.


    Find out exactly what to write/say on:

    • Resumes & CVs
    • Your LinkedIN Profile
    • Interviews

      An Authentic Brand

      for Brands in the Making

      The best reason for clients to choose you is. . .  you! It's your competitive advantage, so milk it for all it's worth!


      Turn who you are into:

      • Your name, logo or concept
      • A differentiated product offering
      • A unique user experience

      A Brand People Love

      for Established Brands

      Create emotional connection with your company and keep the best employees and clients clamoring for more.
      A strong, authentic brand starts internally and reaches out towards clients and the world.
      Your values and DNA as a founder are true north for your company. Are you on the right path? Make sure with:
      • An authenticity audit: How much does your business resemble who you are?
      • Value reinforcement at every step of recruitment
      • Ways to insert your unique creativity and values into all levels of your business

      Let's talk. Online, or on the good ol'-fashioned telephone.

      Emails are nice, and hearing your voice is even nicer.

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