• Let's DESEEDE!

    What It's Really Like to Do the Method


    Exercise Worksheets

    You get a worksheet and we go over it together.


    The worksheets are short and deep. They serve to guide our discussions of Big Topics like your Life's Purpose, Values, Steps to Being You, and Unique Difference, and how to apply them to current challenges.


    The exercises fit together - the result of #1 will be transformed in #2, which will be further transformed in #3 (Steps to Being You, if you're curious!).


    Efficiency and Accuracy: Gifts For Your Future Self

    We take whatever time is necessary to work through the exercises.


    The work pays off because the time you take making your 'map' is time saved when it's time to act. You won't spend time wondering what to do. You'll be able to easily predict which actions will resonate with you and head straight to action!

    What You Get


    Concrete Action Steps

    Know exactly what to do, right here, right now.


    A Map To Follow Forever

    The elements we talk about will remain relevant over time. Once you know how to use them, they can facilitate decisionmaking and point you in the right direction - your direction.


    The Foundations of Future Communication

    Your About page and your LinkedIn profile? Pretty much done! This is your turnkey why-how-what solution.


    Help On Demand

    Someone who deeply understands the theory of you, ready to jump in and help you apply it, now and in the future.