• Your brand should be

    an immersive experience

    like no other.

  • From UX to You-X

    Interpreting the Founder's Vision

    The "Right" Way to Do Things

    There are accepted ways of hiring and onboarding, getting clients through your sales funnel, and delivering your product or service.


    And then, there's your way. Which might seem crazy, ineffective or just not of this world - but which ultimately holds the key to making people love your business.


    The truth is, we LIKE people who don't look like they're 'supposed to', who have the courage and authenticity to unapologetically 'do their thing.' Like him, and her.


    How can your product, user experience and company be as unique as you? Deseede helps you find answers.

    A Blueprint Others Can Follow

    Deseede is a method that formalizes the founder's DNA so that employees can interpret it and make it real. It yields a short brief that can steer goals, processes, products, user experience, communication, and company culture by keeping the founder's values and personal culture close to employees' creativity.

    A Real Difference

    When every single element of your business is aligned behind a certain culture, logic, and mentality, it creates a powerful, immersive experience that incites . . . love: the best business model ever.



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