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    qui vous ressemble

    DESEEDE pour votre carrière

  • Trouver du sens au travail

    Souvent, quand on fait une reconversion professionnelle, on s’interroge sur nos compétences, nos expériences professionnelles, nos envies, nos contraintes...en espérant que le projet enfin défini nous comblera de sens.


    Et si on faisait inversement ?


    Trouver d’abord ce qui fait du sens pour nous, ce qui nous donne de l’énergie; découvrir notre fonctionnement, nos valeurs, notre rapport avec le monde... pour enfin comprendre nos compétences, nos expériences professionnelles, et nos envies. En découvrant le modèle qui régit notre vie, on voit la cohérence (ou incohérence) des composants de celle-ci. Ce qui nous permet, par la suite, d’aller en avant plus aligné avec nous-mêmes.


    A 'job search' is usually a mash-up of our skills, professional experience, desires and constraints (geographical, financial, etc.) where a happy ending is getting a job.


    Finding meaning in this mash-up is...well, we hope so!

    DESEEDE is your chance to do things differently.


    Find the meaning that directs your life experiences. Discover your process - the way you work and the steps you follow to create that meaning. Then take a look at the landscape around you - people you'd like to work with, causes you'd like to fight for - it becomes abundantly clear what your role should be.

    How DESEEDE Can Help

    Life Purpose

    Clarity on your life's purpose and what drives you.



    Specific actions you can take to accomplish your life's purpose.



    Make decisions that build on your values.



    Gain the confidence that comes with knowing your unique added value.

    Solid Communication

    Communicate your added value to others

    - When you meet new people

    - On documents that describe you: your resume and online profiles


    Less Effort, More Love

    When you know your value, you'll spend less time trying to be what you think others want. And they'll like you more for who you really are.


  • Bring DESEEDE to Your School

    Personalized Roadmaps for Students

  • Group Interaction

    Do the DESEEDE exercises together in pairs and as a group. Students learn to value other students' value systems and define their own.

    Individual Coaching

    Permits students to make real strides in defining their goals and the actions needed to accomplish them.

    Training for Career Counselors

    Put the DESEEDE method in your toolbox!

  • Find Meaningful Work

    Let's get some real answers.