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    Finding the Path When There is No Path

    Your path as an entrepreneur is as unique as you are. No one else has your product, idea, experience or approach, much less your circumstances. So who can you turn to for help with your next step?


    Yourself. It's all you.


    That's why knowing who you how and how to listen to yourself are essential to your success - a success that is


    What should you write on that website or business card?


    How is your product as unique as you?


    What if 'selling yourself' seems incompatible with helping people?

    The Antidote

    Authenticity is the answer!


    If you can tell your target audience Why They Should Choose You, you won't have to sell them the latest, best or cheapest solution (even if you have it) because they are going to get something far better: your unique approach to their problem.


    Authenticity - explaining how you can truly and uniquely help others, even in a sea of competition - will keep you afloat, no matter how rough the waters.

    How DESEEDE Can Help

    DESEEDE is Authenticity 101 for entrepreneurs, a step-by-step walk through the process of connecting Who You Are with What You Do - in other words, your business.


    You'll get a handle on your values, your added value (what makes you different) and what drives you.


    Your About page will write itself.


    Brainstorming marketing messages will start to feel fun.


    You'll start integrating Who You Really Are into your user experience so that your client will know from the first moment that they're in your universe.



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