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    The Creator, The Philosophy, & The Name

    Shani Herrmann

    I help people bring their whole, unique value to work.


    DESEEDE is the fruit of my life so far: living in different countries (USA, Venezuela, Brazil, France, Israel), learning different languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hebrew), doing intercultural training, teaching languages, and above all, not knowing what to be when I grew up. I've experienced the frustration of not knowing what to do with my 'potential'.


    Unsurprisingly, Deseede is a method that contains all of me:


    - Teacher: a simple format of consecutive exercises, worksheet-style


    -Language Learner: Each exercise is carefully worded to provoke a certain type of response


    - Interculturalist: Explores each person's perfectly coherent system of beliefs and values

    Simple. Straightforward. Efficient. And FUN!


    Consider me a recipe developer for happiness that helps others find theirs.

  • Philosophy

    I believe . . .

    That being yourself is the best way to meet your goals.


    That your uniqueness is nothing less than your competitive advantage. Use it!


    That when you follow that thing that makes you buzz...magic happens. Opportunities come, and life falls into place.


    That a person..."is like a handmade object. Each one is different. Every person possesses a unique creative spirit that makes him/her a work of art."


    - Dr. Maria Montessori

    (I'm a Montessori kid at heart.)


    The Story Behind the Name

    A person is like a pomegranate: the outside provides few clues that point to the rubies inside.


    My job is to to de-seed: remove the seeds, painstakingly uncovering each ruby within, so that seeds can be planted and nurtured...and one day, give fruits of their own.


    Because of its numerous seeds, the pomegranate has been a symbol of abundance and fertility since time immemorial in many societies. This is the abundance and growth I wish for my clients.


    The name DESEEDE resonates with me especially because:

    • The pomegranate grows in Israel, where I was born.
    • It is crimson. My name, Shani, means crimson in Hebrew.
    • Deseede in English sounds like 'Décide' - the French word for "decide". This too is the message: Decide! Take action!

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