• Follow your inner compass.

    Get unstuck.

    Purpose & Values-Based



    The path forward isn't always clear.

    In Life

    Boosting Self-Confidence - I want to feel good about who I am

    Igniting Your Inner Spark - What makes me tick?

    Living in a New Place - What does it mean to be me, here?


    At Work

    Being a leader or the boss - What can others learn from you?

    New Role at Work / New Job - How can my gifts be an asset in this new environment?

    Career Navigation - What fulfills me? What's my next step?

    Choosing a Meaningful Career Path - (teenagers and up)


    In My Business

    For Founders, CEO's and the C-Suite - A Sounding Board. It can be lonely at the top.

    Communicating My Brand's Purpose & Values - How can I make my brand as unique as me?


    With Others

    Finding a Family & Work Life Balance - What does it look like for me?

    Parenting - How can I deal with my own "stuff" in order to liberate my kids?

    Navigating a Relationship - What do I really want?

    Couples Values Alignment - Identify what fulfills you as a couple and talk about potential incompatibilities proactively

    Divorce - How can I find my center while I'm in transition to a new chapter?


    And I'm sure you can think of others.

    Try me!

  • A Loving Mirror

    I don't have the answers . . . but you do.

    Seeing the unique beauty that is yours will illuminate your path.

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    Let's look at it, together.

    We'll identify your purpose.


    We'll identify your values.


    And we'll use them to widen your perspective on your situation. Brainstorm solutions you hadn't thought of. You'll see things in a whole new way.

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    You'll feel better about things.

    You can put down that load, take off your mask and put your feet up. In this space, you will be seen, heard, and appreciated for Who You Really Are.


    We'll take stock of your superpowers and see how you can use them.


    It will feel good.

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    Good enough to move forward.

    With your Loving Mirror by your side (that's me), you'll gain clarity and confidence . . . and you'll identify and take that next courageous step as the highest, most authentic version of you.


    I can't wait to see it.


    It's what you need. It's what the world needs.


    Let's do this.

  • Our Tools

    De-seeding What Makes You Unique


    We usually start with this exercise, created by me. It's short (1 session), powerful and easy - just answer a few questions. So how do we define "purpose" and what is it useful for?



    At Deseede, purpose is a broad statement of the type of experience you find most fulfilling. It's the experience that you pursue in every context. It's you doing YOU. Birds fly, bees buzz, and you naturally...do this.


    A few examples:  

    • Bring out the best in others to enrich us all. 
    • Dedication and commitment as the key to progress.  
    • Fix things in order to enjoy them.


    Once we know your purpose, we'll talk about concrete actions you can take that will light your inner spark and

    • make any situation more meaningful for you (in your work life, for example).
    • guide your vision as to what you are trying to accomplish (at home, at work).

    You can also use it to attract people with whom your message resonates. For instance:

    • To help others understand what makes you tick - in relationships, in interviews, at work,
    • To convince potential employers you are the right person for the job
    • as the WHY of your brand - how your product or service is part of something bigger


    This exercise is just as easy, but longer. We go deep, with a full inventory of what you find acceptable and unacceptable. We then condense the results into 4-5 values.


    If purpose is your WHY, then Values are your HOW. There is a very specific way you go about living your purpose in the world. Once we know what it is, it can help you make decisions that are authentic to your value system.


    By living in accordance with your values, you will

    • Feel aligned
    • Make better decisions faster, because you are aware of what is acceptable and unacceptable to you - and why
    • Gain clarity in relationships - why things work or why they don't
    • Be able to communicate your values clearly to others, so they can understand what you need and avoid crossing any of your "red lines" (those are your values!). The quality of your relationships will improve.
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  • Who's behind the pomegranate?


    A love of language and culture, perceptiveness & a dash of spirituality

    conspire to create your Loving Mirror (that's me).


    And why the pomegranate?


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