• A Map of Yourself

    Authentic Co-Creation

    Communicate your Brand

  • Who are you, really?

    Find the words that capture your essence.


    4 Personalized Tools

    complete your puzzle.


    Your Boundaries

    Make aligned decisions.


    Manage situations in a way that maintains your integrity.


    Your Steps

    Align with your

    natural process.


    Get unstuck.


    Your Why

    Put your own unique meaning into everything you do.

    Unique Difference

    What Sets You Apart

    Why others should most definitely choose you.


    Communicate your

    added value,

  • Where To?

    Your Unique Deseede Tools can be transformed into your personal path to success.


    They are the DNA for authentic action.


    Whether it's a career choice, decision, sales pitch, logo concept, product, recruitment, customer experience, or leadership style...the person who has all the answers is YOU!


    A few examples:

    Find Meaningful Work

    Students, Career Changers

    When it's time to (re)invent yourself, understanding your unique

    What, How and Why

    gives you direction and fuel to get there.


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      Increase Productivity

      for Everyone

      Individuals, Employees, Managers. Schools

      Knowing yourself is key to understanding and overcoming the part of you that just won't let you move forward until you address its point.

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      Choose the Right Person

      for Recruiters, HR, and people considering a close business or personal relationship

      By understanding someone's process or values and your own, you can pinpoint ways to work well together . . . or simply decide not to.


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      Create or Strengthen an Authentic Brand

      for Businesses

      The best reason for clients to choose you is. . . you!

      Meet your competitive advantage, and put it into all aspects of your business.


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      Be a Better Leader

      for Managers & Leaders

      Your values and DNA as a leader set the tone for your company. Do it with intention, as the highest version of yourself.
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